Preview of China Masters in July 15
2007-07-15 19:23:00   

China Masters Official Website July 15, In the today's matches, the champions of this China Masters will be clear. If LIN Dan could beat Malaysia player WONG Choong Hann and win the champion, who will be the champion of women's single, XIE Xingfang or ZHANG Ning? If the Chinese players could won all the champions, the answers will all clear after today's matches.

men's single

LIN Dan VS WONG Choong Hann

Though it was not so easy, LIN Dan show his strength of No.1 in the world. In the histroy of the matches between the two, LIN Dan has had no record of failure.

women's single

XIE Xingfang VS ZHANG Ning

It will be hard match between two Chinese players. In the histroy of their matches, ZHANG Ning has more victroies, but who can be the champion of China Masters of this year will be clear after today's match.