XIE Xingfang: made progress in speed
2007-07-16 09:30:00   

China Masters Official Website, (CHEN Shujia) In the finals of all five items, the final of women's single is the only Chinese "civil war".

After the match, XIE Xingfang came to the press conference with her towel. And when asked to say something about her match, she said "there was not so much difference between us." Because in the third game, they have to change position in the court so both of them have to undergo the hard downwind. "It is more difficult in the downwind, you have to ahead of the opponent. " XIE Xingfang added.

So how did XIE Xingfang change her tactics in the difficulties? XIE Xingfang said "I have higher speed than in the former matches, and was more aggressive." so when she won the match at last, LIN Dan, her boyfriend stood up with excitement.