Summary of China Masters from LI Yongbo
2007-07-16 12:15:00   

China Masters Official Website (LI Xu) After 6-day competition, China Masters ended. The headcoach of China felt a little bit sorry though Chinese team won 4 champions out of 5.

"We have won the champion of men's single, women's single, mixed double and men's double, I was satisfied with the performance of our players. And in this match, LIN Dan has found back his style of playing."

Concerning the final of women, LI Yongbo said "The final of women's single was a wonderful match. But it was a pity that we havenot got the champion of women's double, though we have got advantage in this item for quite a long time. "

"However, it is hard to say if this is a good thing or not, we could find our shortage through a match like this. The harvest of Chinese team is that we found out our player will be influenced by the environment of the venue. So we will focus on the solution of these problems and make better preparation for 2008." added LI Yongbo.